Health Cash Plans

The skin being the largest organ in the body serves multiple functions: it regulates body temperature, is responsible for protecting internal organs against different perils and gives us the sense of touch. The industry responsible for the manufacture and processing of items that take care of or enhance the appearance of the skin is referred to as the skincare industry.  The skincare industry therefore produces different cosmetic and medicinal products including beauty serums, body oils, creams, face masks, makeup and cleansers among other things for use on various types of skins. 

The success of any skincare production, distribution and sales company is dependent on the competency, experience and motivation of its employees: scientists, engineers, dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, finance professionals, human resource experts, information technology staff, sales and marketing teams. A competitive compensation package, medical benefits, the culture and work environment all contribute to loyal, motivated and engaged employees. We take a look at the role played by medical schemes such as the health cash plan in enhancing employee productivity.

Health cash plan

This is a form of medical insurance where employees pay a specified subscription amount to a scheme and are allowed to claim back money on routine medical expenses up to a certain limit. The scheme allows the employees to cover themselves, their spouses and their children. The medical expenses covered under health cash plans include optical costs, skin treatment costs,  dental costs, physiotherapy, the cost of prescription medicine and so on.

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How it works

The employee is presented with several subscription options and one selects the most appropriate one based on past experience and size of the family. The principal member or their registered spouses and dependent children access medical services from registered practitioners and then present a receipt of the covered costs to the insurer for a refund.

Benefits of health cash plans

For a skincare company, health cash plans eliminate the constant stress of the high medical costs, especially for pre-existing medical conditions and routine medical expenses, among employees. This ensures that they can concentrate on their work and ultimately be more productive as opposed to instances where they are stressed and cannot concentrate on their work.
A health cash plan in a skincare company shows employees that the company values them and cares about their health and wellbeing. Subsequently, this increases loyalty and motivation among employees, two ingredients that contribute to high performance across departments.

Providers of health cash plans can customise the plans to meet specific corporate needs. This means that the skincare company will present their needs to the insurer who will then come up with suitable and affordable solutions for the company's employees. The company is at liberty to get several quotes and then select the most appropriate and affordable one.

In an era where cutthroat competition is the order of the day, companies must go above and beyond to create loyalty among employees in order to retain them. Investing in health cash plans is a great start. However, in addition to this, the company needs to treat their employees well, ensure that they get ample time to rest and be with their loved ones, ensure they achieve their career goals and that the culture is favourable for their personal and professional growth.